The money is rolling in for Hubert & Silvia Freidl! Web3 Investco AG takes over Blocktrade

“Crypto Valley company acquires crypto exchange Blocktrade. Crypto Valley expands its influence across Europe.” With short and crisp headliners, Web3 Investco AG wants to sell us the purchase of Blocktrade as further development and improvement, but what and who is really behind it? 

First of all, it should be noted that Zug-based Web3 Investco AG is a company that is less than four weeks old and consists of two individuals. 

The intention was to focus on investing in targeted segments of the blockchain technology, payment providers and software industries, and to that end, inter alia, 100 percent of the voting shares of Blocktrade SA – a public company based in Luxembourg – were purchased, the statement continued. 

It is astonishing that we inquired Blocktrade several times in the last two years about its ownership structure and an “Elite Club Foundation” or Silvia Freidl as the economic owner were always denied. However, transparency is not to be expected from Hubert Freidl and his kind. 

The seller of Blocktrade is Dubai-based Elite Club Foundation, whose 100% beneficial owner is Hubert Freidl’s wife Silvia. We understand, the sale is intended to further implement the strategic goals and to leave the fintech sector completely. 

That is, through Elite Club Foundation, the money from the sales of a “rising star” or “VIP membership” of the Elite Club lifestyle platform was collected, but what happens to it now? Fittingly, the Elite Club Foundation is registered in the RAKI zone in Dubai, a free trade zone where the owners operate in anonymity. A combination that does not inspire much confidence. What is certain is that Silvia Freidl can now open her bulging money box “Blocktrade” with a smile, because it is documented that she was its sole beneficial owner.  

The names Ralf Glabischnig, Hubertus Thonhauser, Christian Niedermüller, Bernhard Koch and Anja M. Frauwallner should be kept in mind, especially since the last three persons should already be known in connection with Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld. 

The Crypto Valley Journal – Crypto Valley firm acquires digital asset exchange Blocktrade – Crypto Valley Journal ( -also reported that Christian Niedermüller has been working for Blocktrade for the past few months, building a team and initiating a strategy shift, the first integration step of which will be announced soon. The partnership between Web3 Investco AG and Blocktrade is expected to help Blocktrade’s management team continue to focus on growing the exchange platform by further developing industry-leading products, improving payment methods, and driving key features such as staking and other new asset classes like tokenized stocks and associated minigames. 

What does all this mean for those who have put all their hopes in eCredits? How do Web3 Investco AG and its protagonists deal with these customers now? 

Soon we will publish a report on this with interesting updates on the topic and the creators at Web3 Investco AG. 

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