South Africa – Pretoria High Court freezes Lyoness accounts

South Africa is a popular country among travellers. In his online seminars, Gerry Seebacher never tired of talking extensively about his experiences made in South Africa, even quite independently of whether his listeners were interested or not. 

Now there is trouble in paradise, and not for the first time for Lyoness. 

As reported by the South African media agency Moneyweb, Pretoria High Court has frozen Lyoness funds at Standard Bank. At the same time, criminal charges for fraud were filed at the Brooklyn Police Station in Pretoria. BE Conflict Management is also mentioned in the article.

Standard Bank ordered to freeze accounts of suspected Ponzi scheme – Moneyweb

We contacted Pretoria High Court and Brooklyn Police Station for some further interesting details. 

More on this soon in a special report. 

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