Lyoness – Court hearing on June 28, 2016 (case number 4 C 238/16b – 2) with the Lyoness Supervisory Board?

Court hearing (case number 4 C 238/16b – 2) on June 28, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. at the Federal Commercial Court in Vienna. … will Lyoness Chairman of the Supervisory Board, KR A. Werner show up and be able to explain his suspected involvement? Considering the existing evidence one could be inclined to recommend it.

KR A. Werner, who is pictured as being some sort of a neurotic spotlight seeker has to show up in court at the aforementioned date.

In 2009 he already signed a promissory note for tens of thousands to his companion at the time, as he doesn´t seem to be a gifted salesman and his wine trade is more of a subsidized undertaking.

Later on, for lack of own funds, he perfidiously procured several Lyoness packages for the lady and after she deposited in good faith, he took control of her Lyoness account. After all, he claimed, he is basically “close to the source” and he “can arrange things to her advantage”

At the time he was already Director of Public Affairs (Lyoness International AG) and President of Lyoness Child & Family Foundation (see article on March 30 “…miraculous bonanza”).

On 2014, after his companion left him, he didn´t have any access to more funds and she had gained insight into the Lyoness account, the payments to the Lyoness packages suddenly dried up as if by magic.

Until now nobody can really plausibly explain the system behind Lyoness, if it can, or could be manipulated remains to be seen.

In this case common sense doesn´t suggest otherwise.

…stay tuned……the excitement will continue!


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