Lyoness tries to limit the damage at the expense of the members!

Currently, myWorld/Lyoness is approaching the injured parties that we announced at the public prosecutor’s office of Cologne. They are offering them, amongst others, a repayment of 50% of the claim amount in conjunction with an agreement that might verge on immorality. Legal practitioners agree that “no one in their right mind should sign such an agreement.”

Some German lawyers believe that they are helping their clients by making “deals” with Lyoness, accepting a repayment of 50% of the claim sum from which they further deduct honoraria and they are still expecting a thank you.

Solely due to our efforts, it came to a reaction of the convicted snowball system Lyoness in Germany. Without our activities all German victims would be trapped in the “legal bubble” and no “settlement payments” would be possible.

Regarding the current criminal investigations of the public prosecutor’s office of Cologne (Az. 115 Js 424/19), Lyoness is trying to limit the damage by giving injured members short shrift at lowest possible costs.

The injured parties are running the risk of being exposed to a claim for damages in the amount of at least 20,000 euros lodged by myWorld/Lyoness.

Among other things, the offered agreement says:

“The person transferring undertakes to hold the contents of this agreement in strict confidence, whereby this obligation of secrecy is valid without a time limit. The person transferring further undertakes to pay compensation in the case of an infringement of these contractual provisions. The amount of the compensation payment – regardless of the damages actually incurred – is set to a contractual penalty of 20,000 euros (in words: twenty thousand euros), whereby the transferee expressly reserves the right to further claim for damages above this amount. The person transferring expressly accepts the appropriateness of this contractual penalty.”

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  1. Derek
    Derek says:

    Keep up the fight Ben. There are a lot of us counting on you.
    Without you taking this up we would have suffered, along with many others, for many years trying to get any money back. Great work.

  2. Michelle Allen
    Michelle Allen says:

    Thank you Ben for making Lyoness accountable and taking up the fight against them. I feel for the new people that are being conned into investIng into the Ponzi scheme. You truly should be given a world award for your outstanding services to the people. Thank you for taking the fight up against Lyoness.

  3. Ian Chittick
    Ian Chittick says:

    Keep up your excellent work Ben assisting many thousands of member victims get their money back, including mine, although Corporate executives continue to hide the fact that it is Lyoness paying the claims.

  4. Jan McCloskey
    Jan McCloskey says:

    Thanks for all you are doing Ben..this could have been a very painful exercise without your work… is certainly appreciated and we will NOT be signing any docs they send us.


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