Lyoness – Cashback World / In the market without valid General T&Cs?

The Lyoness General T&Cs from the past have been declared null and void by a court ruling, but also the company’s current General T&Cs have been classified as being immoral. The question what kind of General T&Cs Lyoness is now presenting to its members can be easily answered. They are “snottily” continuing to use the General T&Cs which have been rejected by a legal decision, because all that counts for them are the cloud-based revenues, although the next flood of lawsuits triggered by pending payments for clouds is on its way. The first “cloud victims” are already complaining about being “literally pestered” by Lyoness and about having to renounce outstanding payments.

The argument put forward by Lyoness/Cashback World that the cashback business is not concerned is utter nonsense, because the company has been financed from the beginning through the sale of country and business packages or currently the cloud. In purely mathematical terms, this would not be possible through the revenues from the cashback business and the “whitewashed number of members”.


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