High demand for the press conference on July 1, 2021 at the Hilton Hotel!

The “myWorld stock market fairy tale” by Hubert Freidl, the current state of affairs concerning the financial criminal proceedings in Turkey and the investigation of the economic and corruption prosecutor’s office (dt.- WKStA) are attracting national and international media inquiries.

Within just a few hours of the publication of the APA / OTS report and its publication on its social media platforms, we have received an unexpectedly large number of media inquiries from media representatives throughout Europe, even from Australia, the UK, Switzerland and the USA – the interest regarding the news about myWorld, Freidl and Co. seems to be great.

Due to the public interest, in a general preventive manner and in the sense of clarification regarding the myWorld group (formerly Lyoness), their business model, their victims, their network and the acting figures (Hubert Freidl, Marko Sedovnik and Mario Kapun) we hereby have the pleasure to inform you about the latest news.

Accredited media or media representatives will receive a press kit with the contents of the press conference in the course of the current week.

Independently of this, the press conference will be published or posted online a few days later.

Further accreditations can be requested at [email protected] 

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