Criminal complaint by the BE EEIG

Dear members of the BE-EEIG!  

We are pleased to finally present you with what we have been working on diligently over the past months: The criminal complaint against Hubert Freidl and his companies at the Vienna Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office for White‐Collar Crime and Corruption. The BE-EEIG is represented by the law firm Dax, Wutzlhofer & Partner, with this firm we have a strong partner at our side.  

Further information will be provided in the upcoming weeks and months. Currently, we are unable to provide you with all the information due to procedural reasons, so please bear with us as we are moving the case forward. In our FB group we will also explain and explain the individual charges.  

As a member of BE-EEIG, you can find all updates on our website, Facebook group, as well as via email in our newsletter.   

Here’s to a continued successful cooperation. 

Ben Ecker,  


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