eCredits – what’s next? Questions to Bernhard Blaha (CEO The People’s SCE)

Dear Mr. Blaha,

please allow me to ask you a few questions that will certainly be of interest to Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld customers.

Where can I find recent information on eCredits, such as liquidity, market cap and trading volume?    

Why is eCredits not listed on or Binance?   

eCredits is mentioned on, but the status is: “Market data is not tracked. This project is listed as ‘Untracked Listing'” (, is the project currently at a standstill?  

Why is the token called ECR instead of ECS and why does the description contain a link that does not lead to the current website but to an outdated one where the logo looks different?  

For customers, those resources are likely to be extremely important because they give them the opportunity to check the status of the token and decide whether to invest. Why is the company so careless about presenting tokens on such an important platform?  

One of the board members of “The People’s SCE”, Aleksander Jerenko, is also a director of Cryptix AG and a board member of Blocktrade SA. In the past, Jerenko was also involved as myWorld Solutions AG Business Development Manager.  

The People’s SCE Board Member is Alexandre Horvath – Chief Information Security Officer & Data Protection Officer at Cryptix AG. Although Cryptix bought Blocktrade, Blocktrade S.A. in turn is a company founded by the “EliteClub Foundation” based in Dubai and is 100% owned by Ms Silvia Freidl. How come that everything to do with the administration at eCredits is obviously controlled by people connected to Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld.  

As CEO, how would you comment on your company’s connection to a pyramid scheme that has now been condemned in many countries?  

Are you still collaborating with Cryptix AG?  

Where is the money that has already been accumulated, or to what extent is it being used to build up and expand eCredits in order to offer the recruited members a perspective?  

In which countries can eCredits be used or traded and why are eCredits not available in many countries?  

What makes eCredits a special project compared to other cryptocurrencies?  

Why does the eCredits guidance for “Ambassadors” have the following rules.  
Do eCredits and Peoples SCE intend to keep the connection between them secret and if so, why? 
Why was it necessary to include a separate note in the instructions to Ambassadors that the company is NOT an MLM company?

Your Dolphin Production Team

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  1. Roland
    Roland says:

    Ecredits has a youtube page where mr Blaha regularly updates us about the eCredits project. I recommend you to watch them. There you get answers to all of these questions.
    ECS has nothing to do with ECR. Two different cryptos/token.
    Coinmarketcap registration is in progress, ticket code provided on Ecredits twitter page.
    Trading eCredits is possible on the Blocktrade app. Etc…


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