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“The myWorld shareholder is, in fact, being involved with their own capital” – What the “fake shareholder” should talk about with his upline.  

Many of the Lyconet marketers waited for almost two days at the “Sensation” in Gelsenkirchen on July 7th & 8th, 2023 for the big IPO. Finally, Hubert Freidl announced within 3 minutes and 20 seconds “As of now you are all shareholders” which could also mean “I screwed you up yet again!”    Since this event, […]

GSPartners and cooperation partner of Karatbars is blocked by METAMASK: Observers and authorities warn against Ponzi scheme!

MetaMask is a self-custodial wallet for Defi, Web3 Dapps and NFTs that offers security features to protect digital assets. The application, encryption and protection against phishing attacks makes MetaMask a safe place to manage crypto investments. As a result, operators arguably have no problem removing online scams from their platform, as was the case most […]

Lyconet: September looks… complicated! 

In a pyramid scheme, you get benefits from recruiting other marketers and getting them to spend money in the scheme as well. In the Lyconet September Outlook, Peter Gruber talks about how Lyconet marketers can recieve their so-called benefits and as always, it’s not all that straightforward:     In a pyramid scheme, you get benefits from […]

Call – Where is Hubert Freidl? Mail cannot be delivered.

Since we filed our complaint in November of 2022, we as BE-EEIG, several lawyers and courts, have tried in vain to serve Mr. Hubert Freidl, founder of Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld, with documents concerning the case.   Especially since these deliveries are exclusively returned with the note “unknown recipient” or “recipient moved”. Hubert Freidl has not been registered in […]

Lyconet Summer Updates: How to get rid of your money with myWorld shares by the end of the year!

In the month of August, myWorld/Lyconet top leader grace us with important information about their share program and how to supposedly get your money’s worth. Although this information was much needed, one is, as always, not a lot smarter than before. MyWorld/Lyconet is and remains a pyramid scheme that, despite being a “shopping community”, is […]

Questionable KYC forms without consideration of the consequences for marketers! A NO is not accepted by the system. 

The KYC forms seem to be a form of coercion. All the questions and forced concessions and it couldn’t get any worse.    We have accompanied the kyc process with various marketers and there is no way this is voluntary information. It is alleged that many leaders guided their downline through the process. The marketer trusted […]

The myWorld share and its miraculous increase! Leader Jean-Paul Schoor lied to his marketers about the firm that supposedly accompanied the IPO!  

There seems to be no scruples at all at myWorld International AG. Not even 48 hours have passed since Hubert Freidl issued the company shares of myWorld International AG with certificates and the share price is already fixed at € 590. How stupid do they think the marketers are?   How was this value suddenly generated? […]

EliteSeminar Gelsenkirchen – No IPO took place! “You’re all shareholders now”, that’s it. Frustration amongst marketers! KYC process becomes part of criminal proceedings.    

The fact is: For marketers who still have parts of their brain intact, it is now time to leave Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld and consider all legal steps!   Most of the elite seminar’s visitors attended the event because of the announced IPO, which required strong nerves and a lot of patience.   We could publish entire books […]

Gelsenkirchen 2023: Shareholder or not?  

In a new online video directed to Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld members, top marketer Larissa explains how to allegedly become a shareholder at the Elite Seminar in early July. According to her the MSP factsheet contains all the guidelines that are relevant to the “IPO”. Basically, however, it is about how Hubert Freidl’s IPO binds the members to the […]