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Lyoness sues and opts for a step forward in India!

Oh dear……Lyoness is suing for business and reputational damage. We´re not particularly concerned about this claim, the articles published are well researched and all facts described accordingly.

Researching on Lyoness in South Africa, India and in the U.S.

We worked a lot in July this year – we were on the road and did some research on the spot. We travelled to South Africa, the U.S. and India and met with representatives of local authorities and with Lyoness-SMs.

Lyoness USA is only represented in Fort Lauderdale and is not in India

But people have sold country packages for the USA and India, and spoken of “incomparable expansion”. Lyoness customers are eagerly awaiting an explanation as to why Lyoness has almost disappeared in the USA and why India can no longer be found anywhere on their list of countries.

Lyoness and the debacle of India

“Greed is a tramp”, used to say a well-known Viennese bank manager. This describes best the current debacle of Lyoness in India. Thanks to the support – by inactivity – of the Prosecutor´s Office Against Economic Crime and Corruption back in Austria,