myWorld Austria GmbH also part of the pyramide scheme with its judgement at the HG Wien of 13.11.2020!

In a legal dispute before the Supreme Court Vienna the connection of the companies Lyconet International AG, Lyoness Europe AG, and mWA myWorld Austria GmbH was judicially established and condemned.

The presiding judge formulated it excellently in a 38-page judgment and clearly explained the context in legal terms.

From the judgment it is clear,

the acquisition of “coupons” like e.g. mVouchern, aims to acquire shopping points as a marketer and thus to be entitled to remuneration in the system of the myWorld companies. Therefore, there is an inseparable connection between the acquisition of the vouchers at myWorld Austria GmbH and participation in the pyramid scheme.

It is obvious that this approach of the myWorld companies is aimed solely at confusing the members. Due to the inscrutable change of the contractual partners and different service providers, the enforceability of a claim should be made more difficult. Apart from minor changes to the fantasy names for the products sold by the defendants, their business model has not been changed.

The members of the myWorld companies are led to believe that only one contractual partner is facing them. By a possible blocking of member accounts, a “registration” is forced and eventually completes the immoral proceeding of the defendant companies.

At first, myWorld Austria GmbH did not appear at all to the outside world and was only mentioned on the invoices, clarifies the court.

The presiding judge Andrea Bayer formulated it excellently in a 38-page judgment and explained the connection legally clearly.

MyWorld constantly claimed to have no business connections with Lyoness or Lyconet. This has now an end.

The marketer had filed a joint complaint against Lyconet International AG (Vienna), Lyoness Europe AG (Switzerland), and mWA myWorld Austria GmbH (Graz/Austria) and was fully justified.

The defendant myWorld enterprises tried to question the local and international jurisdiction as well as the legal process, which was however rejected.

In 2018 and 2019, the marketer had invested a total of approximately €20,000 in discount vouchers and clouds. The court clearly speaks of investment here as well.

Among other things, the court stated that neither in the known terms and conditions nor the Lyconet Compensation Plan (old and new) was a comprehensible comparison or conversion into a real monetary value to there mentioned the shopping points, units, Balance Commission, Balance Bonus, Coach, and Senior Coach Bonus, etc.

Although the myWorld enterprises maintained that by the discount coupons acquired Shopping POINTs would entitle to purchase advantages with partner-enterprises, to the court however one remains the proofs guilty. One remembers the alleged large partner-enterprises!

The marketer was approached and recruited by a man who introduced himself as an “employee of Lyconet”. He was mainly interested in information about investment opportunities with the so-called “clouds”. Besides, it was explained to him that you can invest money in clouds and from a certain point in time you will get back the full value of the invested money plus EUR 300 to EUR 400 per month. This would be a passive income without having to do anything yourself. You buy a share of a country and then profit from the purchases of the people in that country. This would be risk-free because people would always buy. The clouds are like a savings book for investing money. If you bring more people to buy the clouds, you can also earn money from them. However, they would have to buy discount vouchers every month to remain eligible for remuneration.

In March 2018, he paid an initial entry fee of EUR 2,350. Furthermore, he acquired his first “discount voucher” for EUR 50. For a further purchase of the “discount vouchers”, he paid EUR 50 per month from April 2018 to April 2019. The monthly payments were necessary to be able to invest in the clouds and ultimately receive their payouts. In March 2019, he also invested in four shares in “S-E2CC” for a total of €6,000. He paid €4,500 for three “German Customer Clouds” and for another €1,500 he bought shares in “Italia Cloud” in April 2018.

When the marketer questioned the payouts from the clouds, he was told at the meetings that things were not going well. However, there had been a major change, for which another EUR 500 per share for the clouds had to be paid for the respective shares. The distribution of profits would only be extended by three more years. One would no longer earn money from one country but from several projects of the company. According to the judgment, the switch will enable the company to invest in the new projects.

As was stipulated in the meetings, he paid a further €4,000 for his eight shares in the clouds he had previously acquired, i.e. €500 per share.

In March 2019, Lyoness Europe AG then intended to change the General Terms and Conditions and change of the contractual partners. For this purpose, they blocked the online access of customers who had not yet accepted the Lyconet agreement of March 2019. In doing so, Lyoness Europe AG advertised the change as follows:

“Lyconet – NEW. Why change something well-tried if it’s going well? Because it can go even better! Lyconet opens the door to a world with even more opportunities and advantages. (…).“ The usual slogans of perseverance.

The plaintiff had to register with the advertised “Lyconet NEW” in March 2019 and accepts the “Lyconet Agreement” by clicking on it, otherwise, he no longer would have had access to his member account. He trusted the statements of the Lifeline in the meetings that these were correct. He was not aware that with this procedure a new contractual partner – Lyconet International AG – was introduced to him. In the meetings, this was not announced either. When registering, he had to confirm that he was an entrepreneur, otherwise, no change would be possible. He was surprised about this but felt compelled to click on this “box” because otherwise he would not have had access to his member account.

Likewise, he had to accept the additional conditions for the purchase of mVouchers, whereby the mVouchers replaced the monthly discount vouchers. In return he had to accept the additional conditions for the purchase of mVouchers without reading them, notes the court.

Further from the judgment, it follows that the contract change was not plausible for the members. As Lyconet International AG is called, as Lyoness Europe AG was already called before in the general terms and conditions (“Lyconet”). The member’s membership number and the payment modalities always remained the same. As well as the account number of the recipient, which was always in the name of Lyoness Europe AG. The website for login access  always stayed a The member had to face „Lyconet” (see the “Lyconet agreements“) at all times. The contract forms refer to each other and cannot be read independently. Nor does myWorld Austria GmbH operate independently of Lyconet or Lyoness.

The fact that he visited Lyconet seminars/webinars and meetings regularly as a Marketer Lyoness/Lyconet seminars and meetings, was interpreted by myWorld, etc. as proof for its disadvantageously employership. His investments served alone for purposes of the investment of funds for his retirement provisions. He only visited the seminars/webinars in order to keep track of his investments, he assured, which is understandable and the court complied.

The court continues:

myWorld Austria GmbH, Lyconet internationally AG, and the Lyoness Europe AG knowingly caused in the procedure the impression that different circumstances and different sales contracts were present. For the plaintiff, the change of the contracts was not traceable. He was faced with “Lyconet”. As result from the general terms and conditions, this effect is quite wanted by the myWorld enterprises. Thus called the fundamental set of contracts since the beginning “Lyconet agreement”, although at first Lyoness Europe AG was behind it as a contracting party. Even the marketing program is called “Lyconet”. Finally, Lyoness Europe AG propagated a necessary “changeover” on its website. The members had no choice but to stick with the original contract and had to carry out the new “registration”, especially since otherwise they would not have had access to their data and payment overviews. To disguise the actual change of contract that took place here, the new agreement is again called the “Lyconet Agreement”. To further confuse the members, the new contractual partner is again Lyconet International AG. This creates the impression that nothing has changed. The membership number and payment modalities always remained the same.

The acquisition of the so-called “discount vouchers” and “clouds”, which were advertised as a secure investment, is only possible after the “Lyconet agreement” has been concluded. Initially, these vouchers were sold by Lyoness Europe AG and after a “switchover” by myWorld Austria GmbH. The different contractual partners who are confronted with “discount vouchers” when purchasing the “discount vouchers” and later “mVouchers” are not easy for members to recognize. Although the member had to accept terms and conditions once again, these again refer to the “Lyconet agreement”.

Have you understood everything? This is what contractual transparency looks like at the myWorld group of companies.

The judgment is at first instance and all three myWorld enterprises will go surely into an appointment, but as in Norway or Turkey, the procedure is only dragged out since one would like to avoid a promptly valid judgment.

TURKEY – Lyoness as a pyramid scheme prohibited by the court! Dummy company busted / Lyoness Kart Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti. under bankruptcy administration/tax debts worth millions / penal proceedings for tax evasion and deliberate bankruptcy.

At the time of the miserably low allocation of S-E2CC in June 2020, we were informed about the completed proceedings from Turkey, which had been going on for years. The incidents and convictions of Lyoness in Turkey are quite a challenge, however, due to the language barrier, the events have probably become less known elsewhere. This is something we are now changing.

In the meantime, we have more than 300 pages of documents from Turkish government agencies, which we will publish soon in an explanatory and translated form.

Already since the time of the country packages, Lyoness has transferred all sales made in Turkey untaxed directly to accounts throughout Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, or UK Iceland bank accounts) or third-party accounts to avoid taxes. As can be seen from the investigation files of the Turkish tax authorities, an amount of 70,355,352.55 TL, converted to 16,915,399.49 Euro, was deliberately transferred untaxed from Turkey to Switzerland alone.

Lyoness is proven to be prohibited in Turkey. We also know that Lyoness/Lyconet marketers and myWorld itself do not really care much about state orders nor do they even let themselves be deterred from activities (as in Norway). By controls of the authorities in Turkey, they determined that even forbidden seminars were held. In these seminars, the pyramid scheme was further distributed and participants were asked to make new potential members aware of this “life-changing and safest business in the world”. In return, the participants were promised to receive an even higher commission.

Hereafter is a decree dated on the 18th of October in the year 2018

Translation of the upper decision:

To the responsible authority

The business operations of Lyoness Kart Hizmetleri Ticaret Ltd. Şti. have been terminated due to tax debts to the tax office in Mecidiyeköy and bankruptcy proceedings are currently continuing.

After the bankruptcy decision concerning this company, LYONESS HOLDING EUROPE Ltd. will be registered as bankrupt according to the Trade, Enforcement and Competition Law of the Turkish Republic. Furthermore, Lyoness Kart Hizmetleri Ticaret Ltd. Şti. will be registered as bankrupt. It will not be possible for these bankrupt companies to resume trading activities in Turkey. If LYONESS HOLDING EUROPE AG. founds another company in Turkey or becomes a partner in another company, its liability for the public debt before bankruptcy will continue.

For these reasons, it is not commercially possible for these companies to establish companies in Turkey or become shareholders in other companies.”

In a further decree of the Istanbul Commercial Court of 17.01.2019 (excerpt see below), it is stated that the bankruptcy of Lyoness will be announced and the control of the company will be officially transferred to an Istanbul bankruptcy administrator with immediate effect.

After being charged with commercial tax evasion by the Turkish state, the lawyer of Lyoness founded a dummy company of Lyoness Europe AG in Turkey and declared that the transferred funds to the companies in Europe did not belong to the company and requested that the foreclosures and penalties be lifted. The Turkish government authorities did not follow this request. After several objections, according to our information so far, this decree is legally binding since March 2020. We will shortly publish this decision in a fully certified translation.

Extract from the DECREE (Page 9 of 11) dated on the 17. January. 2019

With the open negotiation about the insolvency proceedings before our court, the following was RECOGNISED AND DECIDED FOR RIGHT: The following is summarized in the statement of claim by the plaintiff’s attorney: The client Lynoss Kart Hizmetleri Tic. Ltd. Şti. is registered in the Directorate of the Istanbul Commercial Register under the registration number 707436. ………. As a result of the client’s transactions, high amounts of taxes became due for her, and tax penalties were imposed on her……………… To collect the public debts that became due, seizure proceedings were initiated and the Ltd. was no longer able to continue its trading activities. As a result, the authorized representatives of the client, the LLC, have had a valuation carried out by a tax advisor to assess the financial situation of the LLC per Article 179 of the Law on the Enforcement and Insolvency of Companies, based on financial data, which established that the assets of the LLC amounted to TL 1,935,471.49.49 (as of 19.01.2019, € 309,675.43) and the total liabilities to TL 94,620,938.59 (as of 19.01.2019, € 16,139,350.35). This shows that the liabilities of the LLC exceed the assets by 92,685,467.10 TL (as of 19.01.2019, 15,829,674.09 €) and that it is bankrupt. 4. COMMERCIAL COURT ISTANBUL.”

What Hubert Freidl and Marco Sedovnik arranged with the former MD (Managing Director) to blame everything on him, will be published with further publications, as well as witness statements, indictments, and personal interviews on-site. To be continued…………………………

Cashback World Germany / Fake cooperations and what Lyconet marketers and members don’t want to understand!

ZALANDO, NETTO Marken-Discount AG & Co. KG, HERTZ, ADIDAS AG, COMMERZBANK AG, HRS, EUROWINGS GmbH, IDEALO, HERVIS Sport- und Modegesellschaft mbH, MÖVENPICK Deutschland GmbH, AVIRA, BONPRIX, NIVEA Beiersdorf AG and many more are not partner companies or cooperation partners! 

What the Lyconet marketer simply does not want to understand: If an employer orders twenty vouchers from a florist for his employees, the florist is not automatically a partner company / cooperation partner. This is exactly how Cashback World is trying to fool itself, its members and the paid affiliate companies.

The companies mentioned at the beginning were asked by our company in the last three weeks about a partnership/cooperation with myWorld/Cashback World. The website “Cashback World Germany” also gives the impression that well-known companies maintain a business relationship with Cashback World, while established companies do not even allow themselves to be involved with Cashback World.

Lyoness (now Cashback World) alleges to be the largest purchasing group in the world, but has not managed to establish a universal Cashback Card over a timespan of “17 YEARS”, as Payback did in Germany or the “JÖ-Card” in Austria within a very short time?! With the JÖ-Card you can buy, refuel and save money in every BILLA, Merkur and PENNY supermarket, BIPA drugstore, LIBRO, OMV gas stations and many others throughout Austria without having to buy a voucher beforehand.

We have the original e-mails of the following alleged partner companies, which can be presented at court at any time. Here are the individual replies: (Each member is welcomed to contact the companies directly by themselves).

ZALANDO SE (Mail from October 06, 2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

a short update from our side: There is no partnership between Lyoness and Zalando. We have contacted the company in order to be removed as a partner of the list that you have mentioned.

Thanks again for the information.”

Netto Marken-Discount AG & Co. KG (Mail from October 21, 2020)

Dear Mr. Ecker,

we hereby refer to your message of 05.10.2020 and would like to thank you for the reference.

We can inform you that there are no business relations, in particular no business partnership or cooperation, between Netto Marken-Discount AG & Co.KG and the company mWorld/Cashback World, mWG myWorld Germany GmbH nor with those who are responsible for the Internet presence of

The representations concerning Netto Marken-Discount AG & Co. KG on the websites mentioned by you are in no way connected to us and more particularly have not been initiated by us. We have taken your reference as an opportunity to examine legal action against the operator of the website.”

HERTZ – Autovermietung (Mail from October 06, 2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

Thank you for drawing our attention to this matter once again.

A direct business relationship or cooperation between Hertz Autovermietung GmbH and myWorld/Cashback World could still not be established. We will now examine the further procedures that need to be initiated.

ADIDAS AG (Mail from October 16, 2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

thank you for your message and please excuse us for making you wait so long in order to give you a reply. I can inform you that there is no cooperation between the mentioned company”.

Commerzbank AG (Mail from October 08, 2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

thank you for your inquiry. Here is our answer:

“Commerzbank does not maintain a business relationship with the companies mentioned. The bank has prohibited the operator of the website from using the Commerzbank brand”.

AVIRA (mail from October 09, 2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

thank you very much for your inquiry.

With the following answer we would like to respond to your request: Avira has never been in

contact with myWorld/Cashback World (formerly Lyoness Europe AG). This

means: There was no direct contact between the aforementioned company and Avira

Holding GmbH & Co. KG and at no time has there been a direct business partnership. We are

very grateful for the useful information on the dubious pyramid activities of

myWorld/Cashback World as well as on the ongoing proceedings and investigations against

the company in several European countries. We have taken technical measures to stop the

activities of myWorld/Cashback World, which were carried out through third parties without

our involvement.

Bonprix – fashion delivery (mail of October 09, 2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

Thank you very much for your in-depth and helpful information on the business practices of MyWorld/Cashback World. In the course of affiliate programs, Cashback World actually promotes Bonprix in some countries until this day. The termination of the cooperation has now been initiated for all countries. We will also request the deletion of our logos on the websites of Cashback World and all other touchpoints.

I am writing this mail on behalf of our managing director Mr. XXXXXXX XXXXX who is reading along in CC”.

HRS – Tourist Booking (Mail from October 19, 2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

there was a cooperation with this company through an affiliate program, which we have since terminated.

Thank you very much for your comments.”

HERVIS Sport- und Modegesellschaft mbH (Mail from October 12, 2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

Neither Hervis nor any other part of the Spar Group is cooperating with Cashback World.

EUROWINGS GmbH (Mail from October 13, 2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

Thank you for your notice, which we have conveyed to our legal department. Eurowings GmbH has no business relationship with the company you have named. „

IDEALO – Internet GmbH (Mail from October 15, 020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

thank you very much for your mail and the clarification.

After receiving your e-mail we immediately contacted our corresponding department and asked for feedback. In fact, the notorious Lyoness AG was well known there. However, the connection to Cashbackworld was not known. Our colleagues immediately reacted and terminated our participation in the Cashback program as of immediate effect. If you reopen the page, you will already get an error message. We are very thankful for your hint!”

Mövenpick – Deutschland (Mail from 15.10.2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

thank you for your hint! The Mövenpick Wein Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG does not work with the company named by you. There are no business contacts or cooperations. In this context we will immediately take legal actions against myWorld/Cashback World”.

NIVEA – Beiersdorf AG (October 16, 2020)

“Dear Mr. Ecker,

Thank you again for your inquiry and the information which we have followed up internally. There is an indirect relationship in the course of our affiliate marketing activities for the NIVEA eShop with the site, which belongs to the Lyoness company.” is a publisher that is part of the affiliate network that we book through our media agency. As of today we have excluded the site for NIVEA activities. In addition, we have taken the situation as an opportunity to order a review of all publisher sites that are active for NIVEA to avoid a similar case in the future.

Everything is said about that!

Father files criminal charges against Black Diamond leader! Minors at the event on October 11th, 2020. BD-Leaders know no age limits just like Lyconet!

In Hanover-Latzen, a justifiably concerned father filed a criminal complaint against the Black Diamond Leaders. His underaged daughter was a participant in a marketing seminar and we were assured that the BD-Leaders knew that the participant was a minor.

Among the participants in this “pusher party” are Inga Schwiebert, Melanie Büttner, David Kahl, Kay Hopfenbruch, Fynn Hopfenbruch, Michael Hempel etc.

Ms. Inga Schwiebert and Melanie Büttner have even perfected their recruiting and rented an apartment in Beetenborn Weg in Kirchlinteln. The ladies are not officially registered there. Due to the ongoing negative reports in the media around Hanover, Inga Schwiebert and Melanie Büttner are currently increasingly on the hunt for customers in the Heidekreis and Verden area.

The fact that minors are being recruited is not new either, even in the past, Lyconet marketers had no mercy with the money of minors. Lyconet has always denied this and referred to the corresponding marketers, yet Lyconet has already accepted money from minors.

We have, among other things, recorded conversations in which a Lyconet marketer tells his minor: “I have checked with my upline, it is no problem to register you, even if you are only 16 years old. Concerned parents contacted us because their child borrowed money from their grandparents for a bigger purchase, but in fact fed to the Lyconet pyramid scheme.

It is not known if the baby already has a Lyconet ID!

In March 2020, the Austrian Chamber of Labor warned in a TV broadcast about Lyconet’s recruitment methods among minors and young people, as well as the sect-like conditions.

“Chicago Lane real estate!” Difficult birth, a second “Ground-breaking ceremony” and many uncertainties!

With a real estate project of this magnitude, it is highly unusual that information is withheld and that the buyer does not officially identify himself at first and only hangs around with his disciples within the social media.

At this point, the lawyer of the Austrian project developer has now confirmed the sale of the “Chicago Lane Real Estate” to “myWorld Real Estate”. We do not have anything official yet, but one can trust this lawyer, particularly as he has nothing to do with the Kanzlei Reif & Partner from Graz. A building permit has only been available for three months.  

From now on everyone who knows Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld and is familiar with the simplest basic arithmetic math, masters the question, how is all this supposed to work and where does the money come from? Who invested with what exact funds here? Profits from the cashback, eventWorld etc. cannot be the reason, is the money from the sale of the EC X and the newly recruited members being spent? If so, myWorld would have a problem! Does the money come from the various companies in Malta and/or Cyprus? The responsible authorities will have to deal with that.

In what relation should the owner of the property participate in the property, and moreover, with these terms and conditions of use? Maybe one of the BCR, BD or Lyconet-MatheGenius can calculate it for us in a comprehensible way? What has Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld already announced in the past as “sensations”. The own Mastercard was a “downright lie” proven by court, other different cashback bank cards as well, where is “Eyetime”(?), there should be no competition since 2019, the previous payouts of the individual clouds are also a disaster, will Amazon still be around next year since myWorld Marketplace is online? Good God, please!

At the latest at the newly scheduled court date at the commercial court, the “myWorld financial expert Mrs. Claudia Kapun” will have to explain how all this is calculated and composed. We are all very excited about it! Presupposed that the lady does not get “sick for a day” for the fourth time in a row, as in the last two years. 

In the meantime we know the background, more about this in the next articles!

10,000 new marketers recruited in Germany! Result of a “dropout” at Lyoness/Lyconet! “Lost money and many friends!”

Again an article in the German speaking daily newspaper about the activities of “Black Diamond Suxess Club & the Black Diamond ÖWA” who are advertising for the Lyconet pyramid scheme. But there is even more to be said about the “dropout”.

He was an “old hand” (personally known to the editors) in the business, holding the best rapidly rising position in the Lyoness/Lyconet pyramid scheme. “My conscience has been on hold for six years while I worked for this gang.”

He had realized far too late how everything actually worked and that basically everyone within the structure was also being lied to, just so that sales could be generated for the very limited “leadership elite at the top”. Organizing various events to amuse his own troop and constantly fuelling the downline with pithy sayings was his “daily bread”, as he reports. Competitions broke out among us, referred to as “managers”, to determine who could generate more sales per month with “his people”. “Tell them what they want to hear, but write positions positions positions”.

This is not unheard of, after all, there is a video with Lyconet guru Hubert Freidl, in which he demands of his disciples with similar wording: “Write positions positions positions at the pool. This video is almost 10 years old, the “Black Diamond Leaders” were still wearing braces at that time, but this credo is still valid and is still carried on by those whose conscience is currently pausing. Here is the translation of the newspaper article…………….

A pyramid scheme in Hanover: A dropout spills the beans
Jürgen Schmaler (51, name changed) was considered as a manager at “Lyoness”. He was able to persuade many people to participate in the pyramid scheme. Behind his financial disaster, there is often a more humane one.

Jürgen Schmaler (51, name changed) no longer understands himself today. In 2011, the successful businessman had fallen for the fine sayings of the representatives of “Lyoness”. The company has changed its name, but the scam has remained. “This is a pyramid scheme,” says Schmaler.

It is in his nature to devote himself to a cause with skin and hair. He has succeeded in winning over more than 10,000 people for the pyramid scheme. “I was an executive,” as he says with regret in his voice. The naked numbers: Jürgen Schmaler had deposited 40,000 euros into three accounts. In the course of six years, he had spent another 300,000 euros on hotels, meetings, traveling and food. “I probably got 60,000 euros back.” After six years of working around the clock. He only survived this time because of his many private debts.

New company name, same old scam

Currently, “Black Diamond” advertises through Instagram predominantly to reach through young people in the region of Hanover. They should participate in a “Cashback-Card” and recruit new people. “It is the temptation to earn a lot of money by doing nothing”, explains Schmaler. He went to “Black Diamond” in Cologne to see if people are still being tricked. His verdict: “It’s the same scam.” Even more. “The man at Black Diamond copied my own slogans.”

According to the business journalist Ben Ecker and the “Wirtschaftswoche”, no major company participates in the “Card”, it is all a bluff. “They simply lie”, said Jürgen Schmaler about the manipulators.

Advertising with real estate on the Expo site
Is there now a bluffing with large office properties? An office building, the “Chicago Lane Office Suites”, is to be built on the Expo site in Hanover. Here, too, the devotees of the pyramid scheme can collect “shopping points”. But the construction work was supposed to start as early as in 2019, yet nothing has happened. The investor is not available. A Tobias P., who is responsible for the key accounts, answers his cell phone. Following a request from NP (-short for “Neue Presse”) at the end of September, he explained that construction work would now begin at the beginning of October.

In the videos of “Black Diamond” the building is already under construction and a large part is already rented. According to the NP informations, the property also serves as a “chill pill” when people ask what has happened to their money.

In aesthetically pleasing advertising videos or podcasts, young people in particular are persuaded to recklessly put their money at risk. “I was blinded,” says Jürgen Schmaler. The marketing of the companies is very good. With further inquiries one is again and again put off. From time to time one would then also get a little money.

The Cologne public prosecutor’s office investigates for fraud
On paper, the companies are independent, but intertwined, says Schmaler. They are called “Lyconet”, “My World” or “Black Diamond”. The colors of “My World Real Estate” are wafting across the Expo grounds. The public prosecutor’s office in Cologne is investigating the pyramid scheme for fraud.

Behind the financial catastrophe there is often also a personal one. “I got a lot of friends and acquaintances involved in the business,” says the dropout. When the money was gone, many had already lost friends.

“Chicago Lane”/EC X property: “Groundbreaking” just for show! Building contractors and architects do not know myWorld!

“The name myWorld Real Estate tells us nothing at all “and” …we only heard of a groundbreak through the request of the local press, ” stated the building contractor. Neither does the architect’s office know a company “myWorld Real Estate” nor does the building contractor. Of an alleged long-term letting at REGUS do both know nothing.

On the 5th of October 2020 the pyramid scheme operator Hubert Freidl and his followers of “Black Diamond” tried to sell using a “fake official ground-breaking ceremony” for the real estate project “Chicago Lane”, so that his “German boar troops” could go and collect money again.

Fake Force

Immediately after the cabaret performance, the flags and poles were taken down and the haunting was over.

Now there is also still the Website, exclusively written in English and in the same Design as those of Riegler & partner. With this, the foreign “EC X-owners” should be calmed down. The completion date will be the II. quarter of 2021, however this is supposed to go.

It may be that there will be a construction on the property, so why does the construction company not confirm the English 1 GBP company “myWorld Real Estate Ltd.” as the building contractor, when the flags have already been erected for a few days. For which reason is Herbert Riegler of Riegler & partner ,who is the the building contractor cannot be reached by telephone, though he would have to be right at the forefront of such a building project and would like to speak to the media.

“MyWorld” officially makes the with real estate project the large wave in its social media, but on the spot they hide themselves. How does that fit together?    

“Black Diamond Leader” in a pack for the photo shooting “Groundbreaking” together with Hubert Freidl to Hanover! After that, the scenery was dismantled!

Thanks in advance to our “whistleblowers” at the “clubs”, who already must have bleeding ears or a nervous breakdown from all the “shaka shaka talk” of these rip-offs. Keep through friends!

The “ground-breaking ceremony” is a fixed expression for the beginning of work on a construction site. So much for the general definition.

Lyconet/Black Diamond/myWorld probably defines “groundbreaking” differently. The “Black Diamond Leaders” with their pretty white construction helmets were certainly very excited during the afternoon of October 5, 2020, given that Hubert Freidl himself honored the “construction site” in Hanover and stuck a spade into the ground. Well done Hubert! Everything was arranged with a photographer brought along especially for the occasion, so that one could think that the start of construction would be the “safest business in the world” in the very near future. But even if that would be the case, the owner of an “EC X” has nothing to gain anyway.

First nothing happened on the property for a long time, then the press reported on the site and questioning articles appeared to the EC X real estate and within few days myWorld flags, a building container and a building toilet on the property were parked/mounted.

A few days later, on 05.10.2020, the “Black Diamond Boar Troop” from all over Germany set off for Hanover and announced a “certain ground-breaking ceremony” during the trip. On the construction site, they quickly put on their helmets and set the scene with Hubert Freidl, posted a few pictures and peace and quiet returned to the people.  

At 17:30 o’clock the spook was over, the myWorld flags including poles were already removed again and the property abandoned. Like the last two years, it is open, accessible to everyone and without a construction board.

Flags and masts taken down and gone! Toilet remains?

“New Press” Hanover: “Dubious advertisers for the ponzi-scheme on the loose”

The activities of the “Black Diamond Suxess Club” from Cologne & “Black Diamond ÖWA” from Hanover did not go unnoticed. Only a few days ago, the “best pusher” were awarded at the “Lyconet Online Sensation” for their aggressive canvassing of new customers in the Cologne/Hanover area for the legally convicted snowball system “Lyoness/Lyconet”, which is currently up to mischief under “myWorld”!

The “New Press” from Hanover has also researched the snowball system at Lyconet and Black Diamond Cologne/Hanover and reported with an article about it: (Original can be read at the bottom) Here the translation:

“New Press” Hanover: “Dubious advertisers for the ponzi-scheme on the loose”

In the region of Hanover, young people in particular are recruited via Instagram to earn a lot of money with the aid of a discount card. But before earning wealth they have to invest. They are victims of one of the largest pyramid schemes in the world.

A ghost is haunting the Hanover region. People talk about quick wealth without doing much work. At events of “Black Diamond”, like recently in Laatzen/Germany, young people are manipulated as if they were part of a cult. But before they can make any money, they have to deposit about 2500 Euro. And as “marketers” they are supposed to recruit new disciples for the eternal cycle of wealth and happiness.

The predominantly young people are lured by Instagram. The business idea: With a “Cash Card” they earn money immediately when other people shop. With the card there are discounts. “Behind Black Diamond is one of the largest pyramid schemes in the world,” states Ben Ecker of BECM Inc. The Cologne public prosecutor’s office is investigating the backers of “Lyconet” (formerly “Lyoness”), the organization behind “Black Diamond”.

Top real estate in Hanover serves for advertising

According to the “Wirtschaftswoche” the Cash-Card is a big soap bubble. It is advertised that marketers earn money with every purchase. But no well-known company is involved with the Cash-Card, as Ecker also confirms.

The latest idea of the big business gurus is to advertise with some very profitable properties. Hanover plays a leading role here. As the first of “ten top real estates” Black Diamond advertises the project “Chicago Lane Office Suites” on the Expo area. The investor from Austria presented the project in October 2018. The high-quality office building (with 84 parking spaces in an underground garage) is scheduled for completion in summer 2021. What has happened so far: nothing. A spokesman for the investor explained that construction work is now beginning. According to the “Black Diamond” videos, the building is already under construction.

Some victims even robbed their parents

The “top properties” serve the people-captors as security, namely when their marketers ask what is happening with their money. And, of course, one could also profit from the property with money deposits. The company construction around Lyconet has been successfully sued in several countries as per Wikipedia. In Norway, the pyramid scheme has been banned by the supervisory and competition authorities. In Italy, Lyconet and Co. has been sentenced to a fine of 3.2 million euros.

Some people had made investments of up to 25,000 euros. “We have had customers who have robbed their parents. Just to be able to pay into the Lyconet system,” quotes Wirtschaftswoche as a reference to BECM Inc.

Ben Ecker and his company “BE Conflict Management” alone, is representing more than 6000 victims. In Hanover 13 “leaders” appear on the homepage. According to Ecker, everyone who joins “Black Diamond Suxess” must recruit five new members. And the leaders have a much higher level because they are very successful in recruiting customers. In this respect, a great number of people in the region could have already fallen for the pyramid scheme.

Copy of the newspaper article

“Lyconet Online Sensation 2020”, is indeed a sensation!

The fact that Hubert Freidl is still able to stay on the market with such a dazzle and the pyramid scheme is the real sensation here!

The “Lyconet Online Sensation 2020” was postponed to the 28th of September 2020 due to technical reasons and we witnessed the…. let’s call it……whatever…!

We had to deliberate for several days whether it was worth writing an article at all. Yes, it is worth a short article, especially since our well-known protagonists from “Black Diamond Suxess Club” from Cologne and the “Team Hannover ÖWA” are also participating in our little article.

It was obviously brought up that things couldn’t be going better for Lyconet, “one grows and grows with incredible numbers” “everything goes through the roof” “there’s no way to stop it”, it is the world’s largest shopping community and the world’s largest pyramid scheme. It goes without saying that everything is documented with self-created statistics and graphic representations.

Regarding all the new sensations that are being considered, we will not go into detail here, we will only have a brief look at It is basically the same as with the myWorld Marketplace, the travelWorld is more expensive and does not offer the decisive services as is the case with  other comparable platforms. RIDICULOUS, given that the travel industry stands before the probably most difficult time ever? And and and……..    

As a matter of principle, a sense of charitable engagement has been more important than ever given the times we live in, especially the “silent heroes” who have touched the author of this article so deeply. So the more shocked one is when the alleged charity is presented in the way it is presented in the “online sensation” of Lyconet. For all the people and families harmed by Lyoness/Lyconet, it must seem like “sheer mockery” and “perverse hypocrisy”.

from my saved money….. shame on you!

In the 2 hours and 18 minutes of the online show, one has to deal for almost an hour with “laudations” for one’s own company, “adulating” one is owning charity similarly as if it would be a cult. Quite a few Lyconeses probably had to sit in front of their PCs and hoped the holy light of the Messiah might touch them. A constant repetition of images of shining, grateful eyes of children, a Hubert Freidl who paid a lot of money for a meeting with Nelson Mandela, a Gerry Seebacher with a spellbound expression on his face as if the dear God himself had just reached out his hand personally and as if it was not enough, in the “Valley of Tears”,for the “oscar-worthy” ending Mario Oreggia wipes off a tear from his eye to crown it all. Enough with this, even our ability to suffer has its limits.

Furthermore, Colombian drug barons are building schools, churches and kindergartens as well and as already announced, there are other voices from Hungary and the Philippines for the charity of a Child & Family Foundation and Greenfinity.