On our own behalf! After the TV broadcast “Caution trap”(„Vorsicht Falle“) from 30.01.2021!

In recent years, there were always some Freidl supporters who felt that they had to express their displeasure about our publications, which we could perfectly live with, but if it becomes personal and criminally relevant, I must and will react.

Since the broadcast in the German public television ZDF in the TV format “Caution trap” („Vorsicht Falle“) on January 30, 2021 our coworkers and I are personally being threatened, insulted and defamed by disciples of the ponzi scheme founder Hubert Freidl.

One thing should be said to these pathetic “Freidl disciples”: “You don’t even have the courage to announce yourselves with your real names and hide behind pseudo mail addresses and identities. Or announce with suppressed cell phone number drunk, under drugs or both capital crimes against my person, family and coworkers. What is actually going on in you sick minds and are you aware of the legal consequences!”

The expressed and communicated threats, insults and defamations will certainly not remain legally unanswered.

Freidl’s “Online Sensation!” The overlay of a millisecond shows that it is not a sensation!

What was that, Mr Freidl? The only thing that is sensational is the audacity of how marketers are being robbed of their money over and over again. 2 hours 7 minutes of the well-known self-adulation and the prognosis for the development is the purest cave painting. Not later than when the marketer understands this overlay (which was barely noticeable), he would be crazy to want these “myWorld Share Points”.

We will deal with the whole “online sensation” separately. But basically this overlay on the “Online Sensation” speaks for itself.

Freidl’s IPO! ” The circle is closed!” What and who is behind the Cryptix Group and Blocktrade S.A.. Who is actually managing the “big IPO now?”

What we know: As Cryptix AG stated itself on Jan. 22, 2021, neither Cryptix d.o.o. nor any other member of the group was involved in an IPO of myWorld at any time. Also, one never wants to have been in touch with the German BaFin. One denies any cooperation with CM Equity AG, although official excerpts refute this. However, the only established and renowned company CM Equity AG from Munich stopped its activity anyway as of 18.01.2021. If nobody wants to cooperate with each other, who will manage the IPO? Approval from NASDAQ? How?

This whole “going public and distributing shares as a gift” is orchestrated from Hubert Freidl’s in-house “corporate soup”. You don’t believe it? Read on!

At myWorld 360 AG, EliteClub Foundation, Cryptix AG, Cryptix d.o.o. & Blocktrade S.A. everything runs together again to Hubert Freidl and his wife Silvia Freidl.

The Cryptix founder Bernhard Koch is a personal friend of Hubert Freidl and has been working for the pyramid scheme Lyoness for many years. Among other things, he was managing director of Lyoness eBiz GmbH and CIO at myWorld Solutions AG for two years. After a one-year time-out (alleged burnout), he and Hubert Freidl came up with the idea of eCredits and tried to establish them. Most of the people that are now employed at Cryptix AG are also employed at ETR AG, which had unsuccessfully tried to get a stock exchange listing in Liechtenstein.

According to the documents that we have received, Cryptix AG is almost 100% sponsored by Lyconet via trust and consultancy agreements.

Blocktrade S.A., on the other hand, is a Dubai-based company founded by the “EliteClub Foundation” and is 100% beneficially owned by Ms. Silvia Freidl, according to an entry filed on Jan. 20, 2021. Also see:

Blocktrade S.A. was or is in charge of the technical preparations for an STO (Security Token Offering).

Today we have asked Cryptix AG for a statement, because they always accuse us of not inquiring with the companies but when we do, we receive no answer.

Conclusion: All companies involved in the IPO and share gifts are unofficially controlled by Hubert Freidl and his wife, to the exterior, it is made to appear as if they are independent acting companies. No matter what happens, all the money goes into Freidl’s pocket, with or without an IPO. The Freidl family does not need to be interested in the development of the share price!

myWorld & Lyconet Italy! The supervisory authority imposes a further 3 million euros fine that myWorld and Lyconet Italia are allowed to share!

By a decision (51 pages) of 20 December 2020 (see also https://www.agcm.it/media/comunicati-stampa/2021/1/PS11517) and publication on 25.01.2021 by the AGCM (antitrust office and national competition authority).

Particularly in Italy as the former strongest market of the Ponzi scheme, myWorld and Lyconet have received the second legal slap from AGCM. See also:

Interesting but not surprising is that myWorld and Lyconet are now also affected. The attempt to make the authorities know that myWorld has nothing to do with Lyoness/Lyconet has not worked here either.

In other words, and you will forgive the frankness dear Mr. Freidl: “Lyoness, more like LYIN ASS?”

As early as September 24, 2018, the AGCM had published on its website (AGCM Pubblicazioni) that an investigation was initiated against Lyoness Italia on July 20, 2018, under the reference number PS11086 due to unfair business practices, misleading advertising, violation of consumer rights and the operation of a Ponzi scheme. Even then, it was noted, “……..that the system uses the benefits of this cashback system only as a pretext, in reality, it relies on recruiting a high number of marketers to buy and sell clouds.”

Freidl’s Ponzi- and Pyramid scheme had two months to react back then, but how do you explain, above all credibly, to a competitive authority, a Ponzi- and Pyramid scheme that has already been condemned several times and legally in Europe. That’s right, you can’t! This is also how the authority sees it.

In the current resolution, too, the sales system of the two companies myWorld and Lyconet is advertised “in a misleading and non-transparent manner and has elements of a pyramid sale.”

It further reads, “The Italian authority has concluded its investigation against myWorld Italia S.r.l. and Lyconet Italia S.r.l. and found that the multi-level sales system is advertised and operated by the two companies in an unethical manner. For this reason, it imposed a total fine of €3 million.

According to the Authority, the sales system operated by myWorld Italia and Lyconet Italia displays not only non-transparent and misleading advertising but also has the elements of a pyramid sale and therefore violates Articles 20, 21, 22 and part of Article 23 of the Consumer Protection Law.

The investigation conducted by the Antitrust Authority has revealed that the advertising system adopted by the two companies is only formally aimed at spreading a cashback service (which allows the return of a percentage of money spent at participating merchants). In reality, the system aims to recruit an increasingly large number of distributors who are required to pay which includes a significantly large amount for the purchase of specific products and services of the Lyconet program, to receive a significant economic return, with the main function of generating purchasing points necessary to reach and maintain the levels envisaged in the compensation plan.

Rome, January 25, 2021″

In the Italian closed chat groups, everything is already being glossed over again, “now it’s just getting started” or “we’re just getting started, the upline said it was a misjudgment”.

Editor’s note: Anyone who participates in this “stock market nonsense” can hardly be saved!

Freidl’s IPO! myWorld leaders like Andreas Matuska, Mario Oreggia, Thomas Knittl, Giuliano, Louis Louw lure members/marketers into the “flotation trap” with supposed gifts?

Our “BCR howler monkey” Andreas Matuska once again invokes the good life in his video (3:05) of January 13, 2020, and refers to “gifts to all members.” The other leaders make comparable moves in their group chats.

First of all, it should be clear to any reasonably normal person that no one, and certainly not a Hubert Freidl, has anything to give away. There is no longer a word to be said about the pathetic allocations/payouts of the various clouds in the past. For years Hubert Freidl lures the members via its leader and the promise on a “passive income” to make continuously new money transfers, although one does not want to know anything about the previous promises anymore. On the contrary! As if all this did not play a role, the next “dream castle” is already offered to the members, everything is even better, larger or to say it in the words of A. Matuska “sicker”.  

In addition to videos and chats, members are also contacted by mail, as…….   

“I just noticed that you were interested back then.

To cut a long story short, the company is floating on the stock market and you’ll get shares with an approximate equivalent value of € XXXXXXX as a gift! – Cloud bookings are even counted twice!

You don’t have to pay anything for this, we just have to adjust a few things in your back office, otherwise, you won’t get them allocated as of February.”

The members/marketers and those who want to become one should ask themselves what the “gift” is all about.  

It’s obvious!

The trick is to advertise this supposed “share” as free addition, thus no member/marketer has a legal claim to dividends from the share with the conversion of the account, and of course all previous payments will also expire. Then it no longer matters whether myworld goes to any stock exchange via any third party companies or not.

Louis Louw from South Africa seems to know more. He contacted his downline and published the following on 12. January 2021 via Vimeo, among others:

The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) in the U.S. specifically warns against such pre-IPO trades on its website. see also: SEC.gov | Risky Business: “Pre-IPO” Investing

“Risky business: “pre-IPO” investments!

A “pre-IPO” is about acquiring a stake in a company before the company conducts its IPO. Many companies and stock promoters lure investors with the promise of high returns………………………………….

……………But investing in the pre-IPO phase can pose a significant risk to investors………..

Consider the following:

Before you even think about investing in a pre-IPO offering, do your homework. At the very least, you should know this:

Remember, the people and companies promoting fraudulent pre-IPO offerings often use impressive-looking websites ……….

To lure you in, they make unfounded comparisons between their company and other established successful Internet companies. But these and other claims that sound so believable at first glance often turn out to be false or misleading.

Always be skeptical when considering any offer that you hear about on the Internet.

Any company that wants to offer or sell securities to the public must either register the transaction with the SEC or meet an exemption. Otherwise, the offering is illegal, and you can lose every penny you invest. Among the most common exceptions are those in Regulation D of the Securities Act. To meet these exceptions, the company and its promoters generally cannot advertise the offering or target the general public.

You are buying unregistered securities – This means that if you want to liquidate the company before it goes public, it may be extremely difficult for you to sell your securities. Besides, it may be difficult for you to obtain current and reliable information about the company. Also, when you buy or acquire restricted securities, you cannot sell those securities for at least one year – even if the company goes public in the meantime.

The company may never go public – In a growing number of cases, scammers have focused on the predicted value and immediacy of a purported IPO to lure – and pressure – investors. But don’t be fooled by such false promises………… In any case, the fact remains that the company may never go public. And if it does, you may never get your investment back.

Details about the offering – Is the securities offering subject to an exemption? Remember that if it is not registered or exempt, it is illegal. Check with the securities regulator to see if they have information about the company, the offering, and the people promoting the business. You can also check the SEC’s Public Reference Room to see if the company has filed a Regulation A offering memorandum or a Regulation D Form D. If you ultimately decide to invest, find out if your shares are restricted in any way. Also, ask how you can liquidate your investment if the company does not go public.

Information about the company – What are the products and services? Who are its customers? Does it have the physical assets, contracts, or inventory it claims to have? Are audited financial reports available? If so, ask for copies and review them carefully. We have seen over the years that the most successful scams usually start with plausible lies. That’s why you should always independently verify claims about a company you intend to invest in.

Management background – Who is running the company? Have they made money for investors in the past?

The presence and identity of the underwriter – Did the company hire an investment bank to underwrite the offering? If so, which firm? Contact your state securities regulator to find out if the firm has a history of complaints or fraud.

Ominous third-party provider of the Lyoness Mastercard was Lyoness itself!

As already published on 01.07.2016 via various media, there is no business relationship between Lyoness and Mastercard. The Lyoness press spokeswoman Ms. Kelemen was still clueless, the Mastercard was only a test balloon anyway and Lyoness itself was the victim of a “third-party provider”!

Research into the ominous third-party provider has shown that it was, in fact, the company “MyCard International LLC”. The person responsible for this company is Gerhard Buckholz, i.e. Lyoness itself. Gerhard Buckholz left Lyoness IMEA SA on 21.12.2015 and is now retired. Parallel to his work at Lyoness IMEA SA, he had founded the company “MyCard International LLC” based in Gibraltar together with Hubert Freidl in 2014. The story about the “Lyoness Mastercard” seems to be completed – from the start everyone was deceived and lied to in connection with the Mastercard!

Screenshot der Website
Freidl’s Mastercarddream!

Freidl’s IPO! Marketers who change over give up pretty much everything! According to the current BaFin statement, CM Equity AG & Cryptix d.o.o. exited on 18.01.2021!

What is currently conjured up once again in the international chat groups and announced to marketers as the next level with the “Online Sensation” on 30.01.2021 is just the typical brainwashing once again. The visionary Hubert Freidl speaks to his disciples and is announced as if the dear God himself gives one the hand.

In the international chat groups the marketers are tuned in by their upline to follow the planned IPO and the extended options that are offered. As always, of course, everything is top-secret and no one really wants to say anything in advance, however, at first hand and of course quite exclusively, the upline is already feeding the people.

Before we go into the “cave paintings” of the individual chat histories, here are a few facts beforehand.

According to the current publication of BaFin (German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority), the Munich-based CM-Equity AG, Cryptix d.o.o. has ceased operations with effect from 18.01.2021. See also: BaFin – (https://portal.mvp.bafin.de/database/VGVInfo/vermittler.do?idHistHaftendesUnternehmen=837570&cmd=historischeDetailsAction&id=-160341374&locale=en_GB) Register of contractually bound intermediaries

From the founding documents of Blocktrade S.A., which appears under Blocktrade.com (https://blocktrade.com/legal/terms-of-use/) in Luxembourg, Cryptix d.o.o. and CM-Equity AG are listed (https://stonews.blocktrade.com/#vide – scroll all the way down), but no longer at Bafin. Who is actually managing the IPO now and why was the activity stopped?

On 11.01.2021 the CEO of EM-Equity AG was informed about Hubert Freidl/myWorld/Lyoness/Lyconet and on 18.01.2021 they stop the activity at Blocktrade.com? Coincidence?! The company has been asked to state a statement.

It is all reminds of the 2012/2013 big announced own “Lyoness Mastercard”, what was not evoked at that time: “In three years there will be worldwide only the Lyoness Mastercard!”, Lyoness Mastercard T-shirt etc. were sold. Until July 2016 Hubert Freidl collected a lot of money with the brand name Mastercard until his Lyoness was officially warned off by Mastercard. See also: Despite warnings: Lyoness is still advertising with MasterCard – BE KONFLIKTMANAGEMENT (bekm.us). Lyoness subsequently presented itself as the victim of a third-party provider, although the ominous third-party provider was demonstrably Lyoness itself. See also: Ominous third-party provider of the Lyoness Mastercard was Lyoness itself! – BE KONFLIKTMANAGEMENT (bekm.us) Hubert Freidl then took our Mr. Ecker to court for exposing the “Mastercard lie” and lost. The truth is allowed to be told and the publications have been fully documented in court. The articles are up to date and with friendly court approval still online!

According to the group chats, the SEC (United States Securities and Exchange Commission) is said to have approved NASDAQ for a listing and in the first quarter of 2022/2023 (here there are different divinations!), the IPO is said to be planned. This is to be published among other things on January 30th, 2021 at the announced and eagerly awaited “Online Sensation”.

The group chats we reproduce here are not from any individual new and unused marketers, but from various Level 6 & Vice Presidents who want to lure their downline into a stock trap.

“January 30th, 2021 is one of the most important days in the history of Hubert Freidl’s company……the groundwork is being laid for an unprecedented IPO, even the prospectuses filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission are being published as NASDAQ has approved the IPO,” people whine in shaky voices into the chat videos.

Now until January 26, 2021, all legacy marketers have time to switch their own BenefitVouchers, Units, Enterprise Clouds, new members, and businesses. And so it goes on in the chats……. “what do you need to do as a marketer now? Sell and get as many people as possible to participate in the “Online Sensation” and increase your share allocation until January 26th, anyone who joins after that will not receive the same value as the older ones. From February on, the calculation will be normal – if you are active now, you will be worth more -.”

Based on the actual monetary value contributed to date by the marketer to the company, the marketer is then to receive a certain number of “preferred shares”. These shares can then be resold or invested. So the hard currency paid in so far becomes with one click speculative shares. In this way, Mr. Hubert Freidl does not have to service the outstanding cloud payouts. The marketer is then a shareholder and one must always reckon with a total loss on the stock exchange.

Further in the chat: “You can buy and sell your MYWORLD shares freely on the stock exchange, just like other domestic and foreign papers of companies. You get shares according to the number of your previous orders/deposits. You can also benefit from MYWORLD CLOUD SHARE, with which you will share in the profits of MyWorld and 140 other companies of the Myworld Group, receiving a monthly income for life (forever).” Has any marker ever looked at the balance sheets of these 140 companies in the myWorld group?! We have taken a look at all the umbrella companies in London and had them evaluated, an article on this will follow shortly.

It is further suggested in the group chats, that those who have been left empty-handed in the distribution of the Clouds so far and have not been active for years, would now have the chance to get their money back and much more. At the same time, one could make a fortune with the shares, one should only think of Microsoft or Bitcoin.

The share of stock that the old marketers receive would grow steadily and from February ’21 to the end of 2021, you could even increase the number of shares. And depending on where and how much one invests now, one doubles or triples one’s share allocation, for example, with the conversion of the Enterprise Cloud one would have a tripling of the shares. The best thing to do now is to invest in the Enterprise Cloud again, as 25% of the total revenue of the myWorld companies as well as the whole purchasing company will be distributed as shares. Awesome (wouldn’t it be so sad) how the marketer is literally being ripped off here.

As a kind of security and confirmation of the seriousness of the project, the high requirements of the SEC/NASDAQ are cited, and that one would be listed next year for sure. Dear Lord in Heaven!

First conclusion: Anyone who participates in this pre-IPO conversion is officially speculating as a shareholder with his money on the stock exchange, if an IPO takes place at all. In the event of a total loss, there is nothing to reclaim. Hubert Freidl’s crisis team, which is permanently busy anyway, is presumably already working on a story to justify the situation if there is no IPO. The “Corona crisis”, which was also responsible for the time delays and pathetic allocations for the clouds, will then probably be blamed once again. But with an exchange of real money of his members into shares Hubert Freidl secures the already paid in and now collected money. Whoever thinks that Hubert Freidl and Marko Sedovnik want to cash in once again and are slowly parking their Learjets in the direction of the Caribbean, is a fool? It’s worth considering!

Guest Author: Nicole Eichner (Media Officer)

mWS myWorld Solutions AG is now called myWorld 360 AG! “Online Sensation” on the 30.01.2021! Will the big IPO be announced now? Minutes of the Annual General Meeting on 18.12.2020.

It is well known that Hubert Freidl & Co. like to change the company name and are very inventive when it comes to the allocation of new well-sounding company names. So it is not surprising that mWS myWorld Solutions AG, which is based in Graz/Austria, has now been renamed to myWorld 360 AG at the shareholders’ meeting on December 18th, 2020.

The 58-page long protocol of the shareholders’ meeting includes, among other things, the audit report of the 2019 annual financial statements of OVILAVA Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft from Wels/Austria concerning mWS myWorld Solutions AG.

As we were further informed, Hubert Freidl has planned for the “Online Sensation” to promise marketers the ultimate expansion of the Enterprise program.

The magic words this time are “Cryptix, eCredits, and Blocktrade”. After all, the eCredit-matter has been developed before, but a license was never granted and yet marketers have been able to exchange it already.  Convert real money into unworthy eCredits.

Previously Freidl’s team already tried to get an FMA license in Liechtenstein through a company called ETR AG, this was also rejected and any further activity was prohibited. See FMA – Announcement: https://www.fma-li.li/de/news/20200710-bekanntmachung-etr-ag.html

As the myWorld group of companies is struggling more and more in front of the authorities with all the clouds and other investment tools, they have now acquired Blocktrade.com with Cryptix d.o.o. to legalize everything via an STO (Security Token Offering).

Blocktrade S.A. itself is a product of the Elite Club Foundation based in the United Arab Emirates and was founded on 06.10.2020. having its registered office at Villa 2, 20b Street, Community 153, PO Box 31484, Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, registered with the Registrar of RAK International Corporate Center under number ICCFDN20200017. The complete incorporation documents (english/german) are available: Dépôt 20/229132 (gd.lu)

The Munich CM-Equity AG is now supposed to wrap the whole package nicely and make the actions planned by Hubert Freidl look “good” to the German BaFin. Whether the renowned company will go along with this remains to be seen; we have inquired in this regard.

myWorld withdraws from start-up business, locks up “360 Innovation Lab GmbH”, “360 Ventures GmbH” and Coworking Space in San Francisco!

myWorld confirmed to the press: “We can confirm that we are withdrawing from areas such as events, advertising, media and startup with a heavy heart we will not continue to operate all those companies that are not directly related to the core business Cashback World. A majority of the companies could be transferred to the respective management team, a part will be dealt with”, myWorld said.

Even “Eyetime” (insert link) was presented as the big media throw, Facebook and Instagram, Whatsapp etc. were to be replaced long ago and Eyetime was to be the world market leader. Klangheimlich the company is no longer present and, according to the company register extract, inactive.

360 Innovation Lab GmbH and also 360 Ventures GmbH are liquidated as well as the coworking space in San Francisco, which was part of the group, is closed. It is still ringing in the ears how Andreas Matuska presented just these companies as “sich and extremely successful” in his webinars in May/June 2020.

Covid-19 is of course to blame for everything and the cloud allocations are delayed, but payments into the pyramid scheme can be made immediately and without delay. myWorld Travel, myWorld Market Place and Cashback and according to the Lyconet salespeople, are of course affected by this. Whoever believes it, is to blame.

see also: myWorld zieht sich aus Startup-Geschäft zurück, Grazer Accelerator 360 Lab sperrt zu (trendingtopics.at)

Translation of the newspaper article:

myWorld withdraws from start-up business, Graz Accelerator 360 Lab closes!

Establishing new standards, breaking up familiar patterns of thought and taking new innovative paths in the development of ideas, products and business models – that was the goal of the 360 Lab Innovation Group, which includes a start-up accelerator in Graz and a low venture capital under the name 360 Ventures.

However, nothing is going to happen. About two years after the promising start, both 360 Innovation Lab GmbH and 360 Ventures GmbH are being liquidated. For both companies, the decision was made in August and September 2020 to shut them down. About 20 people worked in Graz for the Accelerator, which took a number of start-ups under its wings in several batches. Investments were also planned.

The 360 Lab was also critically observed in the start-up sector. After all, behind the Accelerator, which wanted to invest in young companies, was the widely ramified group of companies known as myWorld that is centred around Hubert Freidl, formerly better known as Lyoness, which had renamed itself after lawsuits and bans around its discount shopping community (Trending Topics reported).

Corona crisis makes economic situation more difficult

“We can confirm that the economic situation due to the Corona crisis has made it necessary for us to withdraw from sectors such as events, advertising, media and start-up and with a heavy heart we will not continue to operate all those companies that are not directly related to the core business Cashback World. A majority of the companies could be transferred to the respective management team, a part will be dealt with”, so it is stated on the part of myWorld in regard to Trending Topics.

 The coworking space in San Francisco, which was part of the group, is being closed as well. “The 360 Lab SFO served start-ups and established companies primarily as a coworking space to network and to initiate innovative projects together. Due to the Corona crisis, this innovation hub had to close its doors. Therefore, it was unfortunately unavoidable to liquidate this company as well,” it continues. “In contrast, the CodeLab in Warsaw will remain part of the myWorld Group.”

“Good and motivated team”

The 360 Lab also invested in the Viennese startup byte heroes, better known as Herosphere, which tried to link block chain tokens with bets on e-sports. It was also decided to discontinue this company. Most recently, 360 Lab still held an 8.3 percent stake in the startup.

But the end of 360 Lab has nothing to do with this. “For us, the cooperation worked out well, they had a good and motivated team that helped us a lot”, says byte-heroes co-founder Paul Polterauer to Trending Topics. At the moment he cannot and will not say anything about the future of his own company. According to myWorld, an asset deal is currently being worked on with other investors.

There is another investment: 360 Innovation Lab GmbH also had a 25 percent stake in Kapun GmbH. “The shares in Kapun GmbH will be transferred within the group,” it says.

Lyoness-Turkey: 16,915,399.49 million € have been transferred past tax to Switzerland. Tax audit report accuses.

According to the 87-page tax audit report of the Turkish Ministry of Finance in Istanbul (VERGI INCELEME RAPORU), over the course of years, Lyoness has transferred EURO 16,915,399.49 million alone to Switzerland.

Its bank accounts in Turkey have been blocked and any activity under this name has been prohibited. Lyoness/Lyconet (later myWorld) reacted with the usual wording for years: “One learned from these errors and restructured internally accordingly and adapted the trading conditions…..blabla!” The only problem is that you can rewrite a pyramid scheme to whatever liking of ones, but it will remain a pyramid scheme. If the terms and conditions had indeed been adapted to the legal regulations, myWorld would no longer be able to generate income via the Lyconet money machine.

MyWorld and Lyconet proceeded in their usual manner. The business conditions were rephrased and the financial products that were sold had been given new fantasy names to cause further confusion. That was until the next court determined the non-transparency of the trading conditions and declared them void. Until then, however, myWorld/Lyconet and, for some time now, its “shadowy plants” such as the “Black Diamond Suxess Club”, “Black Diamond Team Hannover” or the “FTP Business Club” will use the time to enlist more people in a sect-like manner with a supposedly better world with the aim of plundering their money.

The audit report of the Turkish Ministry of Finance indicates: (pages 58 – 60)


The taxpayer of the directorate of the tax office Mecidiyeköy, the Lyoness Kart Hizmetleri Tic. Ltd. Sti. is registered under the address, Esentepe Mah. Maya Akar Plaza No: 11 Sisli ISTANBUL. The taxable entity operates a pyramid selling system under the name Lyoness.

Lyoness Europe AG, on the other hand, which is registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of St. Gallen with the number CH and whose registered office is at Bahnhofstrasse 7, CH-9470 Buchs is a potential taxpayer of the Directorate of the Tax Office Mecidiyeköy with the tax ID number 609 042 1859. Lyoness Europe AG owns 100% of the shares of Lyoness Kart Hizmetleri Tic. Ltd. Sti.

           The funds paid into the account of Lyoness Europe AG at Yapi Kredi Bank with the number 85310215 have not been registered or declared. The unregistered and declared funds, the general functioning of the Lyoness system with the corresponding evaluation, and the corresponding assessments, were listed in the tax technology report on the taxable entity with the number 2015-A-2311/1. The matters criticized concerning the corporate income tax of the taxpayers since 2011 have been the subject of a tax investigation report with the number 2015-A-2311/2.

This report has been prepared on the matters criticized concerning the VAT Act about the amounts that were not registered nor declared in 2011.


2.1 Summaries of the VAT declaration:

The summary of the VAT declaration of Lyoness Kart Hizmetleri Tic. Ltd. Sti. is as follows:


           3.1 Reasons to be assessed ex officio:

           It has been established that Lyoness Kart Hizmetleri Tic. Ltd. Sti. has not registered and declared a part of the revenues.

           Since it is evident that the taxpayer’s book entries for the past fiscal years as well as the related supporting documents are so deficient, inappropriate, and cluttered that the tax base cannot be determined correctly and accurately and therefore cannot be traced and since the declarations made, do not reflect the true state of affairs, the taxpayer’s VAT base for the corresponding fiscal year must be assessed and declared ex officio per Articles 30/4 and 6 of the Tax Code, number 213.

3.2 Data to be measured ex officio:

           3.2.1 Reports prepared concerning the taxable person:

           On 13.02.2015, our Inspectorate prepared a tax technology report on taxpayers with the number 2015-A-2311/1. It was concluded with this report that money was collected from the members in the Lyoness system under the advance promise of prepayment/partial payment for purchase/sale, the members were referred to the account of Lyoness Europe AG with the number 85310215 at the Yapi Kredi Bank about these payments, these deposited funds are the income of Lyoness Kart Hizmetleri Tic. Ltd Sti. and these were not registered and not declared.

           Concerning these unregistered and undeclared amounts of the last fiscal years, a tax investigation report with the number 2015-A-2311/2 was prepared on 13.02.2015 regarding the corporate income tax on the taxable organization. The unregistered and undeclared amounts established in this report are as follows.

…….. stay tuned…….!