BE-EWIV – A European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) 

The European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) was the first business form under European law. The foundation of the BE-EWIV entails various advantages for damaged parties. 

An EEIG offers its members, consisting of companies, legal entities or natural persons having their seat or place of residence in different EU countries, the possibility to act as one association and to operate across borders. As a legal entity, it can therefore represent the interests of its members across national borders. In addition, there is the advantage for third parties that they no longer have to deal with the individual damaged parties, but only with one legal entity, in our case with BE-EWIV. 

As a supranational institution and registered company, BE-EWIV can provide support to victims of scams by MLM companies, crypto scams or other kinds of fraud.  

Within this framework, BE-EWIV facilitates cross-border support for all victims.   

For you as our clients, the advantages of legal stability and reliability result from the fully autonomous legal capacity. The EEIG’s lawyers consolidate your case with that of other damaged parties, and plan and direct the further course of action. This means that your cases no longer have to be brought before court as individual cases, which saves you time, money and e. 

In the future, you as the damaged party will be able to access information on the status of your case on our websites or We have thus created the perfect basis for the typical class action, while you can rely on our experience and the know-how that goes with it. 

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