Swiss judgement of 4 June 2019 complete! Lyoness Chief Legal Officer Dr. Hubert Reif asks for a supplement to our Article!

Of course, we can understand the deep concerns of Lyoness since the extensively reasoned Swiss judgement causes the already internationally devastating reputation of Lyoness to slump to bottomless depths.

It was therefore no surprise when Lyoness Chief Legal Officer and sole shareholder of Lyconet International AG, Dr. Hubert Reif approached BECM Inc. in writing and “invited” us to point out in our article “New Swiss judgement of 4 June 2019! Legal disaster for Lyoness!”, that this judgement has “not yet” become legally effective.

We are pleased to take up this “invitation”, as in our article, we did not claim the judgement to be legally effective. Solely the enforceability of the judgement was reproduced, and this can be read on page 26 of the judgement.

The legal remedies point out the common 30-day time-limit for an appeal. So far, Lyoness has always filed such an appeal to first-instance decisions but has never been successful. Primarily, this is aimed at delaying the inevitable occurrence of another legally efficient conviction as a snowball system. Perhaps, for the first time, Lyoness’ responsible persons are able to present current court decisions that acquit Lyoness of applying a snowball system’s business practises? For commissioned and payed reports, as supplied before, we ask to be abandoned.

However, we are able to show numerous reference numbers and business numbers with final convictions, without consideration of decisions of Norwegian and Italian authorities.

Dr. Hubert Reif would do well to stop his client and Swiss marketer Eduard, or as he calls himself, “Ede” Buser. He alleges on his website: ( Ede Buser nonsense , please note red arrows! )

“Where does the decision say, that we are ILLegal or a pyramid system or a snowball system” (Spelling so from the website of Ede Buser).

Additionally, Ede Buser posts – which is of almost unrivalled failure – the last page of the judgement of 4 June 2019. But see yourself: ( Judgment Switzerland 04.06.2019 )

The value of Ede Buser’s publications is also reflected in his alleged research for BECM Inc. The much-praised “Swiss precision” does not seem to be a characteristic of Ede Buser. The company BECM Inc. is duly registered, only man called Ede Buser says that he could not find it.

Dr. Hubert Reif would to very well to keep the reins on his out-of-control “leading Swiss marketer Ede Buser” since his erratic and unworldly publications are damaging the already tarnished image of the snowball system Lyoness.

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