“Hubert Freidl’s Fairy Tale Hour”: Once upon a time……New York stock exchange experts forecast high-digit billion value for myWorld? Blocktrade is said to be worth 200 million EURO already?

During an “online sensation” at a “BST – Black Strike Team” Hubert Freidl said the following in the video: (Text from video transcreated verbatim).

Hubert Freidl: ” For all of us together have no idea on what we are sitting on here and you have no idea what the company is already worth today. And now I’ll tell you how I came up with it.

Most of you know the Blocktrade project, right? A super project, built on in chaos, strong! That was evaluated in a written form with a value of 200 million euros, the company.

That’s not a little money! As I heard that, I figured, then what is myWorld worth around the world? Because we are not just one website, we have 55 country companies, millions of customers and partner companies. So the company is really worth a lot! Therefore everyone can put their own number in their head, but the stock exchange experts from the people have also said that – of course we’re talking about billions – it will be a higher-digit amount of billions in 30 months.”

The mentioned “Blocktrade project” is a rather fragile product of the “EliteClub Foundation” based in Dubai and this “website” is supposed to be worth 200 million EURO? Do they think everyone else is stupid! Please, who has given Blocktrade a written review here? We have asked Blocktrade, maybe Hubert Freidls friend and former Lyoness employee can publish this written review.  If an evaluation by a renowned company had actually been available, this would have already been published on “a rolled out red carpet”.

It would also be interesting to know which ” people’ s stock market experts” have predicted that myWorld will be worth billions of euros in higher figures.

Dear Mr. Freidl, that you see yourself on par with Bill Gates, Steven Jobs and Marc Zuckerberg and compare your Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld pyramid scheme with renowned companies like Amazon, Apple and Microsoft is obviously megalomania. A little self-reflection and the reconnection to reality would be appropriate.

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