Sketchy bankruptcy at Lyoness Europe AG! Numbers don’t lie. Freidl & Friends treated themselves to over 30 million CHF. 

A business assessment reveals that over 50 other companies are associated with Lyoness Europe AG and that 6 million CHF cannot be attributed.  A renowned Swiss auditor analyzed the insolvency notification for Lyoness Europe AG. According to the assessment, Lyoness Europe AG, based in Buchs/Switzerland, was a “self-service store” from which Hubert Freidl and others […]

myWorld Enterprise Ltd. in London dissolved and sports sponsorship in Chat!  

MyWorld dissolves MYWORLD ENTERPRISE LTD, registered in London, England. According to an insider, various funds have apparently been channeled through the company accounts of the GBP 100 company since 2018. In view of the current investigations by public prosecutors, the companies would gradually be disposed of by deleting them.   Various accounts in Malta have […]

Lyconet is trying to force its members to relinquish their remaining rights! 

When logging into the Lyconet/myWorld back office, members are forced to accept the switch to mSP. In some cases, members have managed to circumvent this up to this day, in some cases it is no longer possible for members to do anything in the back office without accepting the new system with a click.    By […]

There’s no end to the IPO fantasies! Annual General Meeting on January 18th, 2024, at 6 p.m. at the Helmut List Hall in Graz.  

After the IPO was announced, carried out, revised, relativized and finally supposedly never took place in the sense that it was supposed to, something is about to happen again: An IPO, you guessed it. Without ever having responded to any demand from marketers or investors, myWorld International AG is acting in its usual manner as […]

Vienna Supreme Court confirms VKI ruling from November 23rd, 2023 / 47 clauses of the Lyconet T&Cs unlawful! Good news for cloud owners!  

Once again, the GTCs of Hubert Freidl’s company have been declared null and void. The Lyoness T&Cs with 61 defective clauses were already ruled inadmissible in 2015. At the time, the company argued that these were old T&Cs and that the new T&Cs had been corrected and were unproblematic. However, this is not the case; […]

Hubert Freidl’s mSP Asia – Stocks! Worthless beer coaster stocks for blind illiterates! 

Anyone in Freidl’s think tank who still believes that another IPO in Asia could still be credibly communicated to the members has lost all touch with reality. This mSP Asia share is even more worthless than its European predecessor. Every beer mat has a higher value. How Freidl’s Idea Forge now manages to credibly convey […]

Accounts blocked for those who do not switch to mSP. Final total fraud?! 

Those who refuse to switch to worthless stocks have their account access blocked. Many complaints have been received from Cloud owners who simply have their account access blocked and the repayment of deposited funds denied. They were assured that nothing would change for the remaining Cloud owners. Another example of how much trust can be […]