Swiss newspaper article with interesting and well-founded justification concerning a fresh judgement!

It is not the judgement itself that the article focuses on, but the findings and all the concluded proceedings against Lyoness and its successor companies that are increasingly being mentioned in the international media. Lyoness has always reinvented itself, whether by changing the company names or through numerous company mergers. Also, at renaming its financial […]

BECM Inc. pays out Lyoness victims!

So far, BE Conflict Management Inc. has made payments to Lyoness/Lyconet/myWorld victims 311.837,91 AUD (Australia), 47,234.08 GBP (England/Northern Ireland), 37,837.19 EUR (Ireland) and 242.786,07 ZAR (South Africa). German injured parties have not yet been published due to the current investigations of the public prosecutor’s office in Cologne. BE Conflict Management Inc., which is listed in […]

Public Prosecution Cologne (file nr. 115 Js 424/19) starts again with preliminary proceedings against Managing Director of Lyoness Deutschland GmbH Guido van Rüth!

With a letter of 12 July 2019, the initially closed proceedings (file nr. 115 Js 915/16) were have been resumed and preliminary proceedings due to infringement of § 16 UWG (Unfair Competition Act) were initiated (file nr. 115 Js 424/19). Writing the prosecutor’s office translated: “Preliminary proceedings against Mr. Guido Josef van Rüth a. o. […]

Swiss judgement of 4 June 2019 complete! Lyoness Chief Legal Officer Dr. Hubert Reif asks for a supplement to our Article!

Of course, we can understand the deep concerns of Lyoness since the extensively reasoned Swiss judgement causes the already internationally devastating reputation of Lyoness to slump to bottomless depths. It was therefore no surprise when Lyoness Chief Legal Officer and sole shareholder of Lyconet International AG, Dr. Hubert Reif approached BECM Inc. in writing and […]

New Swiss judgement of 4 June 2019! Legal disaster for Lyoness!

To begin with, here is the best phrase from the current Swiss judgement (Country Court of Werdenberg-Sarganserland, reference number: VV.2018.82-WS1ZE-HWI). The judgement shall be enforceable. “The lack of transparency of the defendant’s (Lyoness) business model does not mean that its unfairness is not detectable. In this sense, the unfair snowball system is transparent.” Or in […]

It’s going to court! Swiss myWorld/Lyconet marketer and website owner “Ede Buser” convicted by law for making untrue statements!

On his website (, the Swiss Lyconet marketer Ede Buser, who is also known as a great critic of BE Konfliktmanagement and Ben Ecker, took every opportunity to disparage the work of BE Konfliktmanagement or myself and to accuse me and my company of spreading fake news. For this purpose, he published a number of […]