Mag. Markus Ferrigato! Economic Relegation to CEO at EventWorld GmbH?

Markus Ferrigato, Magister, worked for Moët Hennessy Österreich GmbH between 1 July 2016 and March 2019 before plumbing the depths of pyramid schemes and the twilight world of the “grey market” at eventWorld GmbH. There are various interpretations amongst headhunters concerning his surprise departure from Moët Hennessy Austria and the actual reason why he left; […]

Lyoness founder Hubert Freidl finds a new role – as a philanthropist!

A self-proclaimed visionary and philanthropist, Hubert Freidl embarked on a new attempt to have the business world take him seriously as a sincere businessperson in 2018. The brands Organic+, 360 lab, eventWorld and sportsWorld, and myWorld Marketplace have been added to the myWorld group on his website at  The reputation of his previous companies […]

“BenefitVoucher a joke” “Another prank!” “BenefitStore 132 items ridiculous!” “You’re being converted whether you like or not!” myWorld has no answers!

We have received numerous complaints regarding the exchange of mVoucher to BenefitVoucher. Perhaps a specialist from myWorld/Lyconet can answer or even explain something that is actually convincing to the following marketer? Markus Käfer has already made it clear, how a “functioning upline” at Lyconet manages such a thing. Questioning marketers are simply thrown out of […]

“Eyetime escalates!” roared BCR lying monkey, Andreas Matuska on January 25th 2019.

According to Matuska, every marketer should be proud of the achieved goals of Eyetime, to be precise, the millions of downloads and billions of people that they have reached. “Moreover, the company should soon conquer further market shares and replace the previous market leaders.” “Driven by the great and especially new successes of A. Matuska, […]

Charles Ponzi would be proud of Hubert Freidl, Andreas Matuska and all the other boars at myWorld/Lyconet!

There is no working system based on infinite growth under finite conditions! Snowball, avalanche or pyramid systems are still common scams, where billions of money are embezzled year after year. Behind a snowball system, the classic investment fraud model is a fundamentally fraudulent business concept. Disguised as a seemingly lucrative license to get rich. Greed […]

S-E2CC! “The next paradise is a long way off!”

Disappointed S-E2CC-holders have been offered a supposedly generous upgrade. The current “sheep” have gratefully taken it up, following the herd with their praise. Has BCR/Lyconet told them how this miserable apportionment came to be? Could it have had something to do with unauthorised activity in Turkey? In any case, the same old games still work. […]

“Disillusionment in paradise” – S-E2CC apportionment “A truly bizarre experience!”

The S-E2CC apportionment scheduled for 25 March has been postponed twice due to COVID-19 and software problems. Payday was now 26 June 2020. Even so, enthusiasm amongst Cloud investors has been rather muted. The familiar Lyconet and BCR pushers have probably already taken their cut. There have always been complaints from Cloud investors, even back […]